Spanking in The Bedroom

Posted on November

December 22, 2023

Will Experimenting with Sensations Make Spanking in The Bedroom Enjoyable?

Do you want to make erotic spanking in the bedroom with your dream call girl in Chennai exclusively enjoyable? Better start experimenting with your sensation with your hands. Giving a trial to different angles and styles will make you feel what makes you feel the best.

The palm offers a highly deeper thud. Whereas, fingers may create a highly stinging sensation! For a great sensational feeling, you can make use of superb-quality spanking tools like:

  • Paddle – Paddle covers a more surface area with a strong impact
  • Riding crop – It lets in concentrating on a specific spot

To increase the pleasure further, better provide with some aftercare. Rubbing of the buttocks of your call girl can extend the duration of sensations.

How will the Idea of Paying Attention to All Four Zones be?

You must know that the buttocks form a highly well-known erotic zone in the body for escorts. Every zone responds differently to spanking:

  • The top portion of lower back
  • Sides of buttocks
  • Undersides
  • Fleshy center

At the time of carrying out adult entertainment to a high extent, each zone must be given equal attention. It will provide other zones higher sense of relief. Focusing on the underside zone will send high-rate vibration to the genital area of your partner for the highest pleasure.

Is it good to Give a Hard Spanking Initially?

It is a fact that the sensitivity levels vary from one individual to the other. That is why, to make the most out of the erotic spanking session; you must listen to what your Bangalore escorts.

Listening will give you an idea about the action that makes your partner feel better. At the time of giving an erotic spanking, you better start with gentle moves. Observe closely! If your partner desires for harder impact, then increase the intensity gradually.

Easing in this act will make both of you discover the romance hidden.

Does the Word Chosen Make any Difference?

Without proper sexual communication, it will become difficult to make the most out of the erotic session. Better have a memorable and safe word with call girls in Chennai prior to starting with erotic moves.

It will make both of you exclusively comfortable! In case any one of you needs to stop, then it will become easy to use a wise word and take a recess. Are you a good singer? If yes, then why hesitate to play a romantic song?

It will let both of you dive in the ocean of romance and joy. Playing soothing music and lighting an aromatic candle will add to the glory of an erotic session of spanking.

Is it Possible to Experiment with Spanking in Solo?

Yes, to make the most out of the escort service in Chennai; it is essential to perform your steps exclusively. Once done with building your body and working on erection, why not practice spanking solo? That too during the masturbation period!

It will give you an idea about the best way to start and excite your partner. Joining hands with Poonam Reddy will let you come across a collection of decent call girls. They will provide you with the opportunity to experiment with spanking erotically.

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