Improve Your Oral Sex Skill

Posted on November

October 27, 2023

What are Some Cunnilingus Moves to Improve Your Oral Sex Skills?

Oral sex is one of the hottest types of erotic moves. A great move will let in taking your sexual pleasure to the upper level. If done in the right manner, then it will increase the glory of female orgasm.

May be you are good at pleasing your call girl in Chennai with some exclusive cunnilingus moves, still, there is room for improvement. Want to blow the mind of your partner the next time you take her to bed?

Then, it is high time to give a trial to some highly innovative techniques for a memorable erotic playful session.

How Will Random Licking Create Anticipation?

A random licking will be a great idea for creating anticipation. But, better to start with breathing in almost all the sensitive areas of your Chennai escort. Starting from the inner thighs then labia, it will provide a high level of pleasure.

Hovering your lips all around the surface of the private parts without touching them. Teasing followed by licking here and there will start in building intensity. Finally, it will create anticipation, increased amount of pleasure, and excitement.

Why Stay Away from Stroking Her Labia with Wet Fingers?

The next move will be to approach the pussy of your call girl in Chennai and squeeze the inner lips. Running the tongue between the groove while sucking on the labia will be an exciting experience.

To add to the fun and glory, get your fingers soaked with lube and strike her inner labia in an up-and-down motion. You can make use of the tongue too to make the most out of the escort service in Chennai.

Alternatively, you can use a wet and flat palm to strike up and down over the pussy of your partner. It may let her feel your heavy breath on her clitoris.

How to Increase Clitoral Stimulation Rate?

There are several ways to increase the stimulation rate of the clitoral. But for an amazing experience, the Kivin method will be a great option. This specific oral sex position will include a sideway flair to the classic pose.

Your receiving Bangalore escort is supposed to lie on her back. You will be sitting perpendicular to her body and licking her genitals. To enhance the clitoral stimulation, your partner can open her legs and place them over your neck.

While licking the pussy of your dream call girl, rocking your head back and forth will be something great. If you can make some little noise, the vibrations will make you feel exclusively amazing.

How will the Idea of Sucking Her Clitoris be?

Only licking the clitoris can make your female partner feel bored. To add to the joy, you can switch on to sucking. As it allows for deeper pressure, you can make the most out of the erotic playful session.

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Better start gently and then increase the pressure of sucking as the arousal rate increases with time. Searching for the right type of Bangalore call girls for having a good erotic time? Make your way to Poonam Reddy and prove your masculinity.

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